Made by Union 3D is a space dedicated to showing and selling items made by us. We love making fun, and functional things that you can buy!

If you are looking to buy a 3D printer, parts or materials, we sell them over on our main site www.union3dprinting.com

We are passionate about Sustainable Manufacturing. After over 3 years in business, Union has decided on a more sustainable future. For us. For you. For our environment.

As of March 1st, 2021, Union 3D Printing has committed to donating trees for all orders for products and services.


Union 3D Printing has always wanted to implement a social-environmental initiative, and we are proud of where we have landed.

We have produced over 20,000+ parts, and used hundreds of kilograms of material. Donating trees is one way we are working on off-setting our carbon footprint. Additionally, we are exploring additional ways to reduce our net-waste by up-cycling and utilizing recycled products where possible. 

Look for the tree icon 🌳 for products where we donate additional trees.

We have partnered with an incredible organization called Eden Reforestation Projects. Planting trees helps fight back against deforestation, provides jobs, and saves lives.


Our Story

Made by Union 3D, is a site we have wanted to pursue for a long time, and it is finally here in 2022.

Made by Union 3D was made because we wanted to have a space dedicated for selling the things we make and 3D print. With over 450,000 followers on TikTok, we constantly get asked where the things we made could be bought. 

We wanted to create this separation from our other website, where it is more focused on selling 3D printers, parts, and materials. This will hopefully give our customers the best possible experience. 

Made by Union 3D is a branch of Union 3D Printing and Design that started in late 2017 when two old high school friends (Kris and Mark) started showing off their printed creations. Since then, it has turned into a commercial retail store where we sell materials and 3D printers.  

Union has continued to develop in knowledge and skills to always bring the best service quality, and products to our customers.


Kris and Katie Graff

Kris and Katie love to adventure, learn and create! Kris graduated with a business degree in Supply Chain Management from MacEwan University and Katie with a Diploma in Interior Design from NAIT. The couple can often be found in the climbing gym or in the outdoors and have been married for almost five years!


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