Cowboy Bob Jr: The articulated Slug


Cowboy Bob Jr: The articulated Slug

Product description

As seen on our TikTok, cowboy Bob the Slug was born. We decided to make Cowboy Bob Jr. so that you could have one of your own :)

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Cowboy Bob Jr. is a unique masterpiece, using 8 colors at once to create this cool multicolor effect.

He is a fun articulated slug, and he is so fun to fidget with. 

Each Cowboy Bob Jr. will come with a mini cowboy hat, that you can attach, or glue on if you so choose. The large one in the picture is Cowboy Bob SR, and he is modeling the cowboy hat look.

The dimensions for Bob Jr. are approximately: 165mm x 18mm x 18mm

Each one took over 12 hours to make. We aren't able to make many like this, so hopefully, you are one of the lucky few that get to own one.

Please keep in mind that your slug may look different, as the colors are randomly joined together. 

The articulated slug is 3D Printed, so visual defects, layer lines, and other visual defects related to 3D printing may be present. 

Thank you SO much for your support, it means the world to us. 


Please note that this item is shipping from Canada. The customer is responsible for any and all duties, customs, and import taxes. 

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