*LIMITED EDITION* Jawbreaker Easter Dragon


*LIMITED EDITION* Jawbreaker Easter Dragon

Product description

The Easter Dragon has articulated joints, and is a super cool fidget!

Union 3D Printing will plant 3 trees for every dragon sold.

The legs/arms/body are flexible, but they can break if too much force is applied, so please be careful while you are having fun!

The Easter Dragon is 3D Printed, so please know that things like visible layer lines and other imperfections may be present.

 Child supervision is recommended for children under the age of 5 

Color shown: Jawbreaker - using 8 colors at once to create this cool multicolor effect.


24" long

This model was created by Cinderwing3D We are licensed to sell 3D prints. 

Please note that this item is shipping from Canada. The customer is responsible for any and all duties, customs, and import taxes. 

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